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“Can something nice happen to that poor mare who dropped her pie? It doesn’t even have to be in the comic, I just want to know it’s canon that her day got a little better after that.”

safe1751492 artist:pencils1308 oc712343 oc only465619 oc:brownie bun1003 oc:merry bakes2 :t3870 comic111532 curtains2057 fire11766 grayscale39272 jewelry68435 missing cutie mark4781 monochrome152307 necklace20544 panic928 pearl necklace1417 sad25080 screaming3541 scrunchy face7256 smiling261320 thought bubble3570 window8944 xk-class end-of-the-kitchen scenario40


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Background Pony #CBD7

Well, atleast it’s not raining.

What else could possibly go wrong?

Only the kitchen is burning now and I’m sure she knows where the fire extinguisher is.

Background Pony #C2DD

@Spiritus Arcane

WMG time! This is canon to Pie Adventure, Anon is Richard, and it will end with how he and Brownie really met!

Not possible. Pencils and TJPones have already crossed over once before, with Anon asking Richard for advice dealing with ponies.

While on the surface it seemed not canon to the comic, Anon DOES reference the conversation once as an offhanded remark. Thus Anon can’t be Richard.

Background Pony #9BB0

I was genuinely surprised by the appearance of Brownie Bun in the last frame, and snortled in my amusement.

This being Brownie Bun, I have this mental image of additional panels: this unnamed mare standing in front of her burning home, saying “Nuu, my house!”

Then the mayor standing in front of the burning town. “Nuu, my town!”

Then the minotaurs. The Minotaur King says “Nuu, my labyrinth!” and Adamantena Aspis says “Wait a minute, how did you even burn down a labyrinth with stone walls? You know what? I don’t even want to know. You and these other ponies are free to go. Just… leave.”

Brownie Bun saves the day, but still doesn’t know what went wrong. (Katrina: “Curses! Foiled again!”)


Stopped caring

“They say if you stare into your oven and say ‘Brownie Bun’ three times, she comes and sets fire to your kitchen.”

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The colt from Manetucket

She dropped her pie? I wouldn’t have known that if it wasn’t written in the description. I thought she left it on the windowsill to cool and somebody stole it.