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Process videos:

I will be selling these designs via paypal if you're interested. I will only be selling the digital image at full resolution, you'll have to find your own place to print them.

Here's the deal:

Full Derpy Design (both sides) = $40
Full Rainbow Dash Design (both sides) = $60
Both sides for Derpy AND Rainbow Dash = $80
IF you've bought the Rainbow dash in the past, I'll sell you the full Derpy designs for $20! Same probably goes for designs in the future!

If you're interested you can contact me on:

Skype: tomwaits1337
Discord: Tom Cancelshred#6453

The derpy images are sized at 2953 x 8858 to fit a 150cm x 50cm body pillow at 150 dpi.
The Rainbow Dash images are sized at 3150 x 9449 (150 x 50 cm pillows) OR 3701 x 9449 (120 x 47 cm pillows)

safe1680976 artist:hoodie345 derpy hooves49734 pegasus282063 pony943030 semi-anthro13042 blushing193248 body pillow3582 body pillow design2332 both cutie marks10190 bubble butt664 cute195984 derpabetes2591 female1340148 on back23982 plot77158 prone25050 smiling241367 solo1046597 spread wings53272 underhoof50832


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