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reuploaded @ higher res
suggestive145510 artist:oughta102 twilight sparkle303141 unicorn332460 anthro264707 plantigrade anthro33528 :o3823 alcohol7316 alternate hairstyle28609 ass49978 both cutie marks10573 breasts283509 casino115 clothes467306 cufflinks273 cuffs (clothes)1223 female1381660 full body2280 high heels11476 leotard4652 looking at you172177 looking back58695 open mouth149917 ponytail18277 public1545 sideboob10616 socks67437 solo1078247 solo female181510 tail wrap6612 thigh highs37242 thong leotard300 twibutt5652 waitress816 wine2602


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Also: nice art.
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It isn't my intention to exclusively post on this site forever; it's more of me just having fun throwing stuff somewhere online to see how it's received
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@this is not your account
Not necessarily. It's good to branch out and share your art on different platforms, but there's a few artists who post here exclusively and are fine with it (Ie. Badumsquish).