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Nirvana is a cutie patootie that gets a lot of love, and consequently has a cute, massive butt
A gift for @graphenescloset for being such a rad dork and drawing me (and a bunch of people) a christmas gift AND a birthday gift because he’s awesome
dead source30317 suggestive161973 artist:sirmasterdufel930 oc786426 oc only582610 oc:nirvana16 changeling54753 blue changeling2221 blue eyes7380 butt142688 changeling oc8904 changeling overfeeding182 chunkling361 fat24601 female1515984 heart55680 horn101109 huge butt12008 impossibly large butt8211 large butt21920 morbidly obese8892 obese12992 plot99542 the ass was fat16890 underhoof58285


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Certifiably Insane
A changeling with an ass that gets bigger the more I love it? Sign me up.
Also, that reminds me of certain hentai.