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"The trip and its luxuries are on me! There's plenty and to spare!"
"Okay, so success has been a tad overwhelming, but a plumper figure is nothing out of the ordinary in higher circles."
"Pish posh! Nothing says 'nouveau riche and jolly' like a widening waistline."
"Well! Never took you to be so APPRECIATIVE of such a massive frame."
"You'd be surprised how popular it is with MY people."
suggestive132763 artist:catstuxedo251 rarity173884 spike75789 human146574 absurd resolution64327 bbw4058 belly25984 belly button71285 bikini16771 breasts254599 chubby cheeks3342 clothes426493 double chin1588 fat20673 high waisted bikini7 horned humanization6510 humanized96478 male344220 monochrome144926 obese10712 raritubby959 sequence956 shipping188496 sparity6361 ssbbw1565 straight127951 swimsuit26234 weight gain3831


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