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One of the original ideas for the cover art of the new Ponies at Dawn album that was released yesterday.
The album is currently available for the price of your choice on Bandcamp
safe1675501 artist:shamanguli206 applejack167364 fluttershy209428 pinkie pie213251 rainbow dash230430 rarity179049 twilight sparkle296579 butterfly6899 beach14389 cloud29855 cutie art21 cutie mark46506 grass9241 mane six31433 no pony9713 ocean6117 ponies at dawn8 scenery7861 scenery porn820 sky13537 subtle27 water12739 wave433


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Background Pony #457B
I don't get it.
I think there is a pony in the clouds. Then there are those pink cloud. Those weird pods or crystals or whatever in the background and a Rainbow thing above the water. And of course, Fluttershy's cutiemark.
I feel like I am missing out on some information, because there is no way I can piece these parts together into something useful