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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full THAT WAS PURE HANDMADE CHARMEUSE SILK!!! RUINED by a used piece of candy!!!
full ….Why don’t you just bring out that spare chest you have lying around?
full Didn’t you heard what I said??? CHARMEUSE SILK!! One of the most expensive fabrics ever known to the fashion world!!
full This fabric is unlike any other, as it has the softness of a bunny’s bottom and hugs you tight like a butterfly’s cocoon!
full I spent an equivalent of Sweetie Belle’s college fund for that masterpiece!!! It’s practically irreplacable!!
full Well if it’s irreplaceable, then WHY THE H311 did you even wore it out in public in the first place???!!
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>>1357629 (deleted)
safe1995072 artist:meiyeezhu332 horte cuisine132 minty bubblegum116 rarity204889 savoir fare132 thunderstruck18 human209099 anime6886 bowtie12980 bubble7090 bubblegum1470 chair10309 clothes568297 comic125416 comments locked down384 dark skin7720 dress54856 facial hair8438 feather7526 food89369 gloves26207 gum1338 hairpin3075 hat110496 high heels14787 hoodie18102 horned humanization7573 humanized111579 jacket16631 jerk106 mohawk1036 moustache3504 old master q504 outdoors16452 parody16726 ponyville6995 purse776 reference4817 restaurant912 ribbon8354 shocked9075 sticky294 surprised11459 table11468 traditional art132412 unlucky29 waiter218