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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full THAT WAS PURE HANDMADE CHARMEUSE SILK!!! RUINED by a used piece of candy!!!
full ….Why don’t you just bring out that spare chest you have lying around?
full Didn’t you heard what I said??? CHARMEUSE SILK!! One of the most expensive fabrics ever known to the fashion world!!
full This fabric is unlike any other, as it has the softness of a bunny’s bottom and hugs you tight like a butterfly’s cocoon!
full I spent an equivalent of Sweetie Belle’s college fund for that masterpiece!!! It’s practically irreplacable!!
full Well if it’s irreplaceable, then WHY THE H311 did you even wore it out in public in the first place???!!
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>>1357629 (deleted)

safe2174895 artist:meiyeezhu341 horte cuisine134 minty bubblegum126 rarity217582 savoir fare134 thunderstruck18 human245564 g42029398 anime7575 bowtie15040 bubble9175 bubblegum1617 chair11781 clothes634713 comic135462 comments locked down475 dark skin8702 dress62036 facial hair10180 feather8636 food101333 gloves30134 gum1501 hairpin3679 hat124280 high heels17218 hoodie20626 horn190763 horned humanization8073 humanized119651 jacket19933 jerk120 mohawk1254 moustache3946 old master q506 outdoors21697 parody17472 ponyville7849 purse904 reference5504 restaurant1038 ribbon9118 shocked10126 sticky316 surprised12797 table13076 traditional art143072 unlucky29 waiter234