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Finished versions of the sketch I did for a recent 30 minute challenge, available here and position inspired by >>1205833
In which Lightning Dust manages to convince Spitfire to give her another chance at the Academy. Unfortunately for her, Spitfire took her seriously when she offered “anything for another chance.” Now Lightning is going to be Spitfire’s personal cum dump for a few weeks, and that pony fucks really rough for really long. If Lightning’s sanity can hold out that long, she’s welcome back to the team, but after round one, it’s not looking too good for her.

Non-impregnation Version: >>1338192
explicit355733 grimdark29637 artist:bendycindy38 lightning dust4564 spitfire13593 afterglow1675 aftersex9530 ahegao25169 an egg being attacked by sperm2060 anal creampie8710 anus98524 armpits43189 balls77781 clitoris27786 creampie31299 cum80489 cum on ass1409 cum on body2555 cum on hair1929 cum on hooves343 cum on legs283 dialogue66553 dickgirl1816 dock50891 egg cell1975 estrus1713 eyes rolling back2300 facial8319 floppy ears53239 futa46504 futa on female11766 futa spitfire341 glazed dick2827 horsecock70097 impregnation3065 intersex44387 legs in air3944 lidded eyes31243 lockers1712 mind break1402 nudity376051 open mouth149927 penis156302 piledriver491 plot80505 ponut44535 protest151 puckered asshole3018 raised tail15651 rape8151 sex123401 sexual exploitation33 spermatozoon1991 tail29053 taint5415 tongue out106049 twitch272 underhoof52867 unwanted impregnation226 upside down5642 vagina49379 vulva130034 vulvar winking12067


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