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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full HEY, that’s cheating!! Element of Honesty my a$$!!!  
full All wars are based on deception, you pansy cow maid!! Remember those words before ballet dancing with a reindeer!
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semi-grimdark36327 artist:meiyeezhu341 applejack200535 arizona (tfh)1772 watermelody1126 cow4612 human245564 anthro359833 them's fightin' herds7808 g42029398 ambush126 anime7575 applejack's hat14452 artist280 assault51 bandana7252 bandsaw1 baseball bat1538 beatdown23 belt9389 beret2842 blood31466 boots33423 breasts391154 bruised2108 bust77825 busty applejack13999 cartoon violence105 chaps647 cleavage46729 clothes634713 clothing damage283 comic135462 community related8242 copy and paste115 cowboy hat25738 cowgirl869 cutout156 decoy11 epic fail354 fail1607 female1803282 fight7436 gloves30134 gritted teeth19419 hammer2259 hat124280 horns10952 humanized119651 injured4541 jeans6557 mace263 miss8 old master q506 paddle974 paint2388 paintbrush2253 painting4765 pants22403 parody17472 payback146 portrait41658 retaliation20 revenge1056 ripping clothes1140 rivalry283 self defense13 skirt55566 spikes1079 town613 traditional art143072 trickery27 violence814 weapon41252 workshop136