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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full HEY, that’s cheating!! Element of Honesty my a$$!!!  
full All wars are based on deception, you pansy cow maid!! Remember those words before ballet dancing with a reindeer!
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semi-grimdark33682 artist:meiyeezhu332 applejack189245 arizona (tfh)1601 watermelody1088 cow4153 human209096 anthro321436 them's fightin' herds6658 ambush108 anime6887 applejack's hat12166 artist249 assault38 bandana6403 bandsaw1 baseball bat1410 beatdown23 belt7893 beret2555 blood28801 boots29111 breasts349615 bruised1864 bust68422 busty applejack12719 cartoon violence90 chaps625 cleavage41751 clothes568277 clothing damage240 comic125416 community related6223 copy and paste113 cowboy hat22272 cowgirl751 cutout160 decoy10 epic fail331 fail1532 female1625220 fight6886 gloves26204 gritted teeth16948 hammer2057 hat110487 horns9024 humanized111576 injured3892 jeans5525 mace250 miss8 old master q504 paddle907 paint2298 paintbrush2057 painting4397 pants19440 parody16726 payback127 portrait37773 retaliation17 revenge976 ripping clothes964 rivalry261 self defense13 skirt48941 spikes926 town527 traditional art132408 trickery27 violence716 weapon37171 workshop124


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