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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:

HEY, that's cheating!! Element of Honesty my a$$!!!
All wars are based on deception, you pansy cow maid!! Remember those words before ballet dancing with a reindeer!

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semi-grimdark30376 artist:meiyeezhu332 applejack173311 arizona (tfh)1199 watermelody1032 cow3452 human158973 anthro269622 them's fightin' herds4786 ambush89 anime5678 applejack's hat8431 artist222 assault31 bandana5517 bandsaw1 baseball bat1131 beatdown21 belt5854 beret2009 blood25251 boots22935 breasts288759 bruised1649 bust52614 busty applejack10824 cartoon violence74 chaps510 cleavage35646 clothes476193 clothing damage193 comic111487 community related4378 copy and paste110 cowboy hat17179 cowgirl622 cutout225 decoy8 epic fail293 fail1423 female1402263 fight6300 gloves20962 gritted teeth13235 hammer1769 hat90385 horns6354 humanized101925 injured3385 jeans4339 mace230 miss8 old master q499 paddle799 paint1974 paintbrush1701 painting3764 pants15321 parody15784 payback115 portrait31852 retaliation17 revenge857 ripping clothes773 rivalry238 self defense13 skirt41094 spikes752 town447 traditional art120275 trickery26 violence614 weapon31435 workshop105


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