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chocolate milk mares
safe1862456 artist:jargon scott2734 starlight glimmer52707 trixie72046 human180347 pony1206824 unicorn394327 angry30216 chocolate3748 chocolate milk763 comic117703 cute220465 drinking3987 eyes closed109210 eyes on the prize5937 fancy mathematics248 female1502032 flailing485 frown25992 geometry54 glare8495 hand9879 happy35198 hat99556 hoof hold9698 hoofy-kicks776 levitation13419 magic80816 mare557644 math883 meme86389 milk5455 offscreen character39735 open mouth176274 partial color5777 party hat2741 smiling297365 tantrum139 telekinesis31403 that pony sure does love equality16 tongue out118447 tray927 wide eyes18112 wow193 wow! glimmer623 yay831


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Trixie would totally give Starlight her chocolate milk. She’s nice like that.  
Though she’d expect to get hugged later for it.
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Using 2 of the exact same cup, with no straw and no ice to throw off measurements, and both filled to the brim, it should be close to the same.
I’ve never been great at measuring things, I’m better at sharing food and drink.

See, this very scenario is why my mum laid down a very effective law - she let either me or my brother do the split(slice the cake, pour the drink or what have you) and the other got to pick first afterwards. I swear, you’d need an electron microscope to measure the difference between the divisions that resulted.