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safe1726485 artist:mrscroup336 rainbow dash236143 twilight sparkle303039 alicorn228362 pegasus299795 pony986775 :<1070 absurd file size1065 absurd gif size278 animated99610 blushing200906 chest fluff40035 cloud31309 cloudy6123 crepuscular rays2985 cute202830 dashabetes9510 ear fluff30323 eye contact6539 female1380894 fluffy14420 frame by frame4121 gif31569 heart eyes17076 hug28691 lens flare1814 lesbian98068 lidded eyes31209 looking at each other20819 looking away3785 mare490706 nuzzling4025 shipping202793 sitting64360 sky14533 smiling254177 stars15918 sunset5475 twiabetes12114 twidash5326 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124867 wingding eyes22855 winghug2943


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Background Pony #3EC5
Good animation indeed.

… But people should learn not to use gif anymore. It's so outdated and inefficient and is only causing pain.
Background Pony #9CCA
Wow! O_O This is beautiful art. That's really all I can say about this. I've never seen a "HNNNG" that wasn't a meme, but watching Dash blush, I literally gasped out loud…

Mmph mphna mprh
That's a good animation.

But i can't help but play in my head some anime opening music and wait for papa Franku to run pass them in the background.