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A fake screenshot from June. I support the idea of a crossover between human Mane 6 and Slenderverse; I also think that Slenderman and Twilight would be at odds all the time XD
I also tried to replicate Bruce Timm's style; I think I did a great job :3


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Artist -

Compulsive Doodler
@Macaroni C-Pony
Yes, it might be an idea :D
And I swear I've never that theory about Slenderman; it's interesting. :o
Well, seems like my illustration can be interpreted in many ways, and I don't mind it at all These actually sound nice :)
Artist -

Compulsive Doodler
To be honest, I drew Slenderman as the antagonist here XD In my headcanon, they're enemies ;
But the superhero movie idea works for Twilight, considering that she has got magical powers