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>Perception Check
>Rolled 8.

Emerald doesn't notice anyone else nearby hiding, but is sure to keep an eye out. The colt slowly starts to back away, asking what sort of dog it is.

"Oh… Not to big. Fluffy, and white." The robed Zebra says, approaching the pair as fast as they walk away.

Emerald says that maybe he can find some guards to help him search.

"Guards? There aren't any guards around here right now… It's quite important that i find him soon. After all, it can be kind of dangerous around here at night…" The zebra says, not ceasing his walk forward.

Emerald looks around, and indeed there are very few people on the streets at the moment.

"Tell him to go away!" Ruby says, reaching for her knife and baring her teeth at the zebra.

Emerald is about to say something, but then the zebra lunges at him. He quickly throws up a shield just in time to stop some wild slashes from the hooded person.

Ruby dashes low between Emerald and the zebra and swings her knife. She hits him in the upper leg, and though the robe takes most of the swing the zebra winces in pain. Emerald takes the opportunity to drop the shield and throw a magic missile straight into his face.

The spell knocks him clean backwards, and the pair of foals start to run away, screaming at the top of their lungs. Emerald looks back and sees the enraged zebra still chasing after him, his nose bloodied by the spell to his snout.


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