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safe1675507 artist:shamanguli206 nightmare moon16691 princess luna97900 alicorn218530 pony938310 eyes closed89982 female1335620 flag3762 hidden eyes479 mountain4941 nightmare luna370 rearing5561 scenery7861 snow13641 snowfall4436 solo1043262 spread wings52942 statue2276 winter4426


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

In a land where light no longer shines, and everything has gone silent, a statue remains. A monument to a dead kingdom, it stands proud amidst oblivion. The only thing left of a bygone age. On its plinth is an inscription nearly faded away by time, empress nightmare moon, Her kingdom and night eternal

@Mugen Kagemaru
In the land once known as Equestria, the sun begins to rise