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So earlier today, Sweetie Belle just got back from the Hoof Spa having her white hoofies sparkle and she walked around Equestra while all the other fillies got jealous:P
Of course later on around night after Rumble got back from Flight training, Rumble noticed and he wanted to say how nice her hooficure looked but of course this was the end of the day and then a Thunderstorm started approching and it was almost 9:00PM, Rumble asks Sweetie Belle if he could sleep in her bed tonight which she agrees to and Rumble stays the night in her home.

As Rumble is cuddled near Sweetie Belle, he couldn't help but notice how cute she looked asleep as Rumble opened his eyes up briefly, a few hours later, Rumble started looking at her hoofies and then he noticed that Sweetie Belle started sucking on her own hoofies:P Rumble got curious and wondered if her white hoofies actually did tasted nice so he went and grabbed her hooves, Sweetie Belle was starting to wake up as a unaware Rumble was about to go for it and then he went straight for her hoofnails sucking on them away tasting them and Sweetie Belle initially was suprised but then started laughing at the idea of Rumble wanting to taste her hoofies.

The 2 are still cuddled and eventually Sweetie Belle pulled her hooves away from Rumble asking him he could do this again tomorrow in the afternoon. She kissed his cheek and they both said goodnight to eachother heading back to sleep.
safe1687187 artist:viranimation268 rumble3919 sweetie belle48628 3d74028 absurd resolution65742 bed40253 blanket5250 heart eyes15993 hoof fetish2444 hoof licking497 hoof polish512 hoof sucking191 licking19902 male366176 nail polish7593 rumbelle285 shipping197650 sleeping23197 source filmmaker45277 story included8817 straight134429 teddybear2 tongue out101950 wingding eyes21812


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