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Winter Christmas 2016 Gift #23: Flamespitter

Its getting hot around here or its just me? Gift #23 goes to my close friend Flamespitter!

It all begins with a sense of curiosity and a FA note. Flame first contacted me on may 11th of this year, funny enough they seemed quite shy at first but they were very interested in me and my silly character so I happily shared my contact details with them and we started talking. Fast forward a few months later and now Flame is a very close friend of mine that makes me very happy to have around, very caring, very honest, and very passionate when something interests them (I mean, look at that cutie mark!), I’ve lost track of all the fun talks we had about cute ideas and all the serious talks we had to support each other when things are down.

But really, the one thing I’m the happiest about, is that Flame now got a big circle of friends surrounding them that slowly built over time. Flame used to have a small circle of people to interact with, but after contacting me, I saw how that circle kept expanding (along with her waistline :P) and how happier they have gotten. Its silly but It seriously makes me so happy that such a wonderful person has been able to connect with so many people, love you flamey, have a merry christmas! <3

NOTE: This is a outdated design for flame’s OC, this was done before they changed their character

Picture done by Circus-CInnamon from Deviantart, their gallery can be found here:


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