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I couldn’t sleep last night. I felt pretty sick and was feeling wired so I wanted to try and flex my coloring muscles some more and color one of the recent inked images.

I hope you guys like it, Nightmare is always a challenge to colour because of her dark colours, but I think it turned out okay.
suggestive (102076)artist:longinius (386)nightmare moon (14115)abs (6630)anthro (180887)bat wings (2048)black background (2912)boob window (825)breasts (176658)busty nightmare moon (907)clothes (316675)erect nipples (5798)evil grin (2552)female (648939)grin (24691)missing accessory (5896)nail polish (5055)nipple outline (4134)one-piece swimsuit (2936)seductive look (745)seductive pose (996)simple background (256658)smiling (160038)solo (802152)solo female (144081)stupid sexy nightmare moon (778)swimsuit (18443)underass (1873)unguligrade anthro (33481)unshorn fetlocks (16434)


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Happy Derpy!
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Hey, you uploaded your own thing! <3

I like how you gave her a slightly glowy outline to help make her more visible despite her dark color
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