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"Another screenshot style image for your viewing pleasure. ;)

I wanted to try and capture a tender moment between the master and her student from the past using an unusual choice of weather. that gave me the opportunity to mess around with dramatic lighting.

I have many other ideas for MLP screenshot images. the plan with this animated style is to not only add a layer of depth that you would get with classic 2D but keep the character design as close to generation 4 so its still linked in with the original show we love. Some of the screenshots will not be as detailed as and focus more on action and faces. But this is a good taster of what is to come. =D

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies

painted and drawn in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom pro in 13 hours

Epic FTW or Do Not want you choose :mwahaha "
safe1709065 artist:jowybean859 princess celestia95125 twilight sparkle300663 alicorn224956 pony970138 :o3761 balcony1412 book33525 cuddling8394 cute200197 eyes closed93812 female1365525 filly66944 filly twilight sparkle2744 hug28327 lidded eyes30788 mare481899 momlestia990 open mouth146372 prone25582 rain6090 scenery8054 scenery porn848 signature24899 size difference14328 sleeping23494 smiling249223 snuggling6540 spread wings54832 twiabetes11785 wing blanket229 winghug2904


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Of the artists who are still prolifically active, I think it's safe to say that Jowybean is my favorite.

I'm going to start calling you W. C. Nightweaver. All you need is a comically bulbous red nose.