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>>1163071 remade
safe1750268 artist:buttersprinkle314 starlight glimmer49785 trixie68732 twilight sparkle306086 alicorn232865 human158940 pony1010345 unicorn342228 :t3864 angry28063 buttersprinkle is trying to murder us38 cheek fluff5925 chest fluff41190 cute205669 diatrixes3217 female1401712 floppy ears54493 fluffy14698 frown23561 glare8303 glimmerbetes3907 grumpy2594 hand9050 horse spooning meme38 in goliath's palm258 lidded eyes31785 looking at you175656 looking back60085 mare502090 meme83365 micro9358 offscreen character35730 open mouth154293 prone26348 puffy cheeks3969 raised hoof48424 scrunchy face7257 simple background409045 size difference14997 smiling260858 smirk13013 spoon1410 spread wings57046 tiny1329 tiny ponies1509 twiabetes12264 twilight is not amused1519 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126187 unamused16752 underhoof53815 waving3076 weapons-grade cute3760 white background102474 wing fluff1683


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