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Artist's notes:

"You've been workin' hard all mornin', sugarcube. Why don't ya come inside and set a while? It's blazin' out here, and them apples ain't goin' anywhere. C'mon now, Aunty Applejack made sweet tea."

"Mmhmm, that sounds nice and all, but who needs sweet tea when I've got a tall, fine drink of water right here in front of me?"

"Drink of wat…..Oh! You're talking about me! Oh golly goodness, haha…now that was cheesy, partner. Just cuz' I'm your supervisor, that don't mean you still have to butter me up…"

"Aw, I'm sorry, Miss Keen. I'll be a good farmhand now and throw myself into my work, keep my mind off sin…"

"Hehee, you scoundrel. My daddy would tan your hide if he knew the kinda thoughts you're thinkin' bout me. It was you who roped me into your…your heathen hippie wickedness, ya know."

"Not quite the way I remember things. I can't recall roping you into anything…though I can think of a few things I'd like you to rope me into, cowgirl

"Mister Aerostorm! Goodness. G-got me out here blushin' like a school girl-honestly, you are the worst. Ahem. C'mere sinner boy, I want a kiss."

"Yes, ma'am, Miss Keen. You're the boss."

some of ya'll were really surprised by the fact that peachy and stormy dated in the past (shown on my big dumb shipping master chart here) , and i remembered i'd never mentioned it, whoops

anyway, when stormy was a bit younger and low on cash, he took a summer job as a farmhand at Sweet Apple Acres. Big Mac placed his daughter Peachy Keen in charge of supervising Stormy. The two became fast friends, Stormy started flirting with pretty Miss Keen, and the two of them had a wonderful summer fling together, full of southern cooking, cheesy flirting, hay rides, rolls in the hay, and writing songs together. They broke it off eventually (Stormy later decided to go traveling, while Peachy wanted to stay at the farm), but remain really good friends.
safe1572650 artist:lopoddity722 oc603402 oc only409007 oc:aerostorm83 oc:peachy keen42 human141770 pandoraverse666 heart43073 humanized93959 humanized oc2297 male304677 next generation6096 offspring34287 offspring shipping731 parent:big macintosh2666 parent:cheerilee367 parent:dumbbell334 parent:rainbow dash4998 parents:cheerimac266 parents:dumbdash235 peachystorm1 story included7724 straight121451


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