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safe2174889 artist:majkashinoda626201 applejack200535 fluttershy258676 pinkie pie255909 rainbow dash279959 rarity217582 spike92416 starlight glimmer60013 sunset shimmer79146 twilight sparkle357851 alicorn314272 dragon85446 earth pony446554 pegasus496739 pony1603053 unicorn538191 g42029396 baby16507 baby dragon4352 cuddle puddle372 cuddling10749 cute265833 cutie mark51435 daaaaaaaaaaaw7015 dashabetes12245 diabetes687 diapinkes12604 eyes closed139045 female1803280 floppy ears73010 glimmerbetes4787 jackabetes7943 male550939 mane nine59 mane seven7877 mane six37621 mare741417 open mouth237666 pile of cute1 pony pile966 pony pillow138 raribetes7017 shimmerbetes5249 shyabetes19237 simple background596632 sleep pile20 sleeping29389 spikabetes2661 spike gets all the mares868 spike you lucky bastard23 transparent background284547 twiabetes15294 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149189


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For some reason, I’m amused by the fact that you can barely see Fluttershy.
That said, daaaaaaaw.