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safe1902311 apple bloom54931 applejack183780 derpy hooves53027 diamond tiara10945 discord33937 fluttershy231766 king sombra15301 pinkie pie233243 princess cadance35778 princess celestia102446 princess luna106615 rainbow dash253518 rarity198106 scootaloo54339 shining armor25251 spike85287 sweetie belle52160 trixie72959 twilight sparkle324914 pegasus375218 pony1249723 season 31802 cutie mark crusaders20382 dvd420 female1539244 german1081 irl76104 mane seven7161 mane six34489 mare579509 photo86825


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While the box and boxart themselves are satisfactory the other downgrades kind of ruin it for me… especially since the third season no longer includes the original english dub we’re all used to.

It’s a shame with the German DVDs is that the boxset for 3 was downgraded from 1 and 2. The first 2 seasons had a lot more special features, better packaging and were even on Blu-Ray.
Sad when the German DVD covers have better art than the US ones…
Not just Germany, but the rest of Europe has these DVDs as well. The only good thing about them though are the covers. The Season 1 DVD that was released outside of Germany in Europe (France, Italy, Britain etc) had the episodes out of order and it’s also sped up which is annoying.
Mind you the German DVD/Blu-Ray covers for Seasons 1 and 2 looked liked this:
Background Pony #5DD5
They even understand the fluttercord thing. US version would just have their vectors standing on opposite sides.