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Cadance: “Leave him be, Flurry. He’ll grow out of it.”

Teen Nameless colt: “IT’S NOT A PHASE MOM!!!”

As it turned out, it was, in fact, a phase.
safe1681336 artist:silfoe1551 princess flurry heart7129 oc668815 unnamed oc1772 alicorn219680 pony943434 other royal book191 alicorn oc25808 angst44 black and white12649 dialogue64046 emo776 grayscale37483 monochrome148090 offspring38040 older26002 parent:princess cadance1572 parent:shining armor1355 parents:shiningcadance944 simple background385136 speech bubble22653 white background95491


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Background Pony #F802
McFlurry looking good there. Still biding her time, I see.

Also for heavens sake, Sił, I love alicorns as much as you, but this is starting to get out of hoof. At this rate alicorns will become the fourth pony race and be… common /shudders/