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NOTE: Gift #15 was not pony related, if anyone is wondering where #15 went, its on my other galleries.

Winter Christmas 2016 Gift #16: Dufel

This one cutie is called Claire, and she is today’s gift for dufelbagofdraws

I’ve been lurking this guy’s work for around 3-4 years now, I can’t remember the exact date. He is one of the major contributors that made me get such a big affinity toward fat ponies in the first place with his work (warning: lots of fetish content and explicit stuff on his gallery). I always had a thing for inflation and weight gain/fat, but I was very reluctant to apply it to ponies at first believe it or not. After finding this guy (along with a few others of course), there goes my doubts. And now I’m a complete weirdo hahah. He’s a busy and mostly quiet guy, but the few interactions I’ve had with him have been all pleasant, he got a excellent memory and is as respectful and helpful as he can if you approach him (just don’t be surprised if he can’t reply in a while heh). Nevertheless, I seriously appreciate all you’ve shared through the years man, keep up the amazing work on whatever you do! (whether ponies or not) and happy December.

This picture was done by Circus-Cinnamon from Deviantart, their gallery can be found here:


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