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Background Pony #3042
@Evil Emperor Proteus
It's pretty easy to ignore shitposts though, so long as you know what you're looking for. There's enough actual content and discussion there where that sort of shitposting is still in the minority of the posts.
Evil Emperor Proteus

@Background Pony #6BE7
It's worth noting that 4chan has been the target of dedicated shit-post guilds for a while now, with /mlp/ as one of the primary targets along with /v/ and probably other boards(/co/ gets it sometimes). That "Barneyfag" guy is part of the current major shit-post guild, so are the Jimmy Neutron and Lazy Town guys(particularly, they keep reposting a "What was his end-game?" thread involving either a Jimmy Neutron or Lazy Town character.
Background Pony #3042
/mlp/ caters to niche intrests and discussions. If you don't fall into those niches then you won't find it interesting.
Evil Emperor Proteus

I assume you are familiar with how terrible /v/ is now? I mean, it was always terrible, but it's never been as bad as it is now. Staff are also crazy incompetent, not vidya threads get posted, and someone posts a not vidya picture in the thread while complaining the not vidya thread is there, but the not vidya post is deleted and the user banned while the not vidya thread remains. Absolute hog shit.