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"As odd as it may seem, a putty pony is far from it. Despite their small stature and physical forms being made from the lovely stuff, they act like regular ponies would and are usually affectionate. This particular gal here is a classic. Nothing too fancy, but she's still priceless. She especially loves it when you "braid" her mailable mane and tail."

So, Before I head off I have knee last thing for today. With the week almost over, is been a very busy week. One thing that has been keeping calm was some new silly putty I got the over the weekend. This just came to mind during my graphic arts class as a small idea that came to my mind. Though, I have no idea if anyone ever ponified the original Silly Putty (most likely), but I'm still pretty happy with how this came out.

I tried to make it look close to the material as possible, and I even blurred the eye shines because I do notice that shines in putty aren't always shiny. The hardest part to be honest was the mane/tail because putty it's just so wondrfully weird like that in its melty solid ways.

Also I just want to point out is that I was partially inspired by some art by the one and only @Badumsquish. And to be specific, this piece by him in particular:

So yeah, nothing much really. And to @Badumsquish, I do hope that you won't get too upset by this. I'm in no way trying to copy or steal your ideas from you. You have an amazing talent and I applaud you for it my dear friend! Keep it up! :D

Anyway, have a good morning, evening, and night everybody! ;
safe1680762 artist:binkyt11976 derpibooru exclusive27760 oc668432 oc only439762 goo pony1825 object pony761 original species24686 balancing988 colored pupils9446 cute195954 female1339986 looking up16046 medibang paint260 open mouth140741 ponified40377 putty7 raised leg7541 silly putty1 simple background384967 smiling241326 solo1046471 transparent background198737


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