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Images originally made by Cogbrony. Check out his other stuff! I only uploaded the pictures he has posted somewhere else into a single image.
suggestive170186 artist:thebrokencog987 applejack186362 diamond tiara11123 fluttershy235810 octavia melody25851 pinkie pie236696 rainbow dash257185 rarity201217 silver spoon7058 twilight sparkle330080 human198104 adorasexy11227 applejack's hat11577 armpits45000 ass66357 bedroom eyes71153 belly34901 belly button94069 big breasts104094 blue hair1413 blue underwear2571 blushing234732 boots27740 bowtie12452 bra18891 braid7706 breasts336034 busty applejack12279 busty diamond tiara504 busty fluttershy20611 busty octavia melody2857 busty pinkie pie12616 busty rainbow dash9762 busty rarity15362 busty silver spoon318 busty twilight sparkle14265 butt171121 canterlot club29 cleavage40292 clothes549676 cowboy hat21434 cute232063 daisy dukes1583 dancing9721 exotic dancer33 eyelashes21033 female1579492 fishnets6594 folio17 freckles35713 front knot midriff1544 glasses75970 hair over one eye10984 hat106398 high heel boots7096 high heels14167 humanized108989 indoors4952 kneeling10869 legs10197 light skin4872 lingerie12220 long hair5546 looking at you212353 mane six35017 mary janes1194 midriff21397 miniskirt5335 multicolored hair8642 older33480 older diamond tiara975 older silver spoon771 one eye closed39119 open mouth193142 panties56764 pink hair1788 pink panties304 pink underwear4472 pleated skirt4289 pole717 pole dancing1725 ponytail22205 purple bra74 purple hair1202 purple underwear2314 seductive look1706 seductive pose2062 sexy36729 shoes48250 shorts16874 shyabetes16688 side knot underwear635 sideboob12460 signature34220 skirt47229 skirt lift5125 smiling323572 socks80173 spotlight1532 stetson5433 stiletto heels416 stockings41130 strip club266 stripper941 stripper pole2416 stupid sexy applejack889 stupid sexy diamond tiara76 stupid sexy fluttershy1413 stupid sexy pinkie919 stupid sexy rarity1626 stupid sexy twilight1271 thigh highs47499 thighs21340 thong6884 tongue out126292 treblebutt926 underass2987 underwear69669 wall of tags5253 wink29180


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Background Pony #7B33
Of course Pinkie doesn’t have to wear anything flirty; she knows she’s sexy. :)

I don’t think we will see those soon. Cogbrony wanted people to pay for the rest because he put a lot of work into it. I think that’s fair. It would be a jerk move to post the work he wanted money for. However, he may release more over an unknown amount of time.

I’d love to see the other ones in this collection (sunset shimmer, lyra heartstrings, etc.)
Anyone have them that would be willing to post them?

Of course Applejack is the center square, after all, she is sexiest pony. For those of you who think Rarity is, give yourself a few years, (don’t worry, 7 out of 8 fifteen year olds feel the same way.) Of course Twi would give a dog a bone! But… I just can’t deal with Dash in heels-it just cracks me up! Great art work. Very stylized. Talented.