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Twilight shivered as she surrendered to the silken touch of Rarity’s scarf sliding around her neck, staying still as Rarity adjusted it.

“How does it feel?” Rarity asked, and all Twilight could think is that it felt like her voice, smooth and soft and certain and… warm?

“It’s so warm!” Twilight said, reaching up with a hoof to feel the fabric as she studied the magic in each spiral. “Is it enchanted? I think I recognize the patterns.”

Rarity let out a gentle laugh. “I knew you would. It should always be the perfect temperature.”

“That… that’s amazing! Thank you, Rarity!” Twilight smiled, admiring the precision of her work.

“Well… shouldn’t the Princess of Friendship have nice things?” Rarity said as she gave the scarf a tug, tightening it just slightly. Twilight found herself staring at Rarity, watching how meticulously she moved it, seeing the measurements in her eyes.

Twilight frowned, and stepped back. “I don’t… I don’t deserve anything special for being a princess. I’m just a pony.”

Rarity looked up, and she turned away until Twilight could barely see her face, her curling violet mane framing an uncertain smile and questioning eyes. “Would you prefer if I made it for you… simply because you are you?”

Before Twilight could answer that of course she would, Rarity stepped towards her, and light blue magic stroked the ends of the scarf, pulling on it, beckoning Twilight to come closer. She did.

Rarity’s eyes followed the spirals of the scarf upward until she met Twilight’s gaze, and Twilight froze.

“And… I do like to see you dress nice.”

She stared into Rarity’s eyes, searching for something other than questions. Rarity smiled at her, and she realized she was already smiling back. The scarf was warm, and tight, and heavy, and it was her. As the words finally tumbled out of Twilight’s mouth, she felt as though she heard them rather than spoke them.

“I… I could do that.”


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