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safe2042566 artist:atmospark93 artist:bri-sta501 edit162039 pinkie pie243913 earth pony389390 pony1395783 absurd resolution72587 cheek fluff8224 curled up386 cute245708 diapinkes11874 eyes closed126596 female1663288 floppy ears67064 hnnng2675 mare653508 on back30891 ponk1210 simple background535000 smiling350939 solo1323830 transparent background261100 underhoof63784 vector85791 weapons-grade cute4397


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Monday noon at the office.  
  • Boss: You’re late, where were you in the morning?  
  • Me: I went to the cardiologist for an emergency checkup, someone tried to murder me yesterday with this >shows this pic.
Background Pony #71A2