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suggestive145572 artist:dm291666 adagio dazzle13065 applejack171577 aria blaze9889 derpy hooves50486 flash sentry13015 fluttershy214988 pinkie pie218264 rainbow dash236289 rarity183695 sci-twi24667 sonata dusk13640 spike79549 spike the regular dog2539 sunset shimmer63895 twilight sparkle303243 dog9672 equestria girls203300 advertisement8859 basketball522 calendar548 cheerleader2797 clothes467588 converse5745 fake breasts96 humane five3499 humane seven2610 humane six3323 mane seven6594 mane six32248 pom pom1212 shoes37646 sneakers5110 sports bra3304 the dazzlings4396 wondercolts717


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Background Pony #3B2A
Anyone noticed that Derpy is wearing a cast on her left foot?

It's kind of sweet that Flash Sentry is carrying her on his shoulder.

Other than that I think that Rarity would probably be a cheerleader rather than a player in such a brutish sport, Sci-Twi would probably be the team statistician, and Sunset would probably play, everything makes sense.