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"Of course I was not going to be left behind on the contest of one of my favorite artist in DA!

It was a little difficult to paint this stained glass, I thought that downloading the Ram would be clean LOL

Anyway, I hid the Akili's mark on the Stained Glass because it honestly made it uncomfortable to see it on the outside, but there's is on the drawing as an additional decoration. (so…I safe, right?)"

Coloring Contest here
Stained Glass Original by Akili-amethyst
safe1728438 artist:akili-amethyst159 artist:crystalchan2d17 applejack171597 fluttershy215014 twilight sparkle303286 alicorn228760 bat1769 bat pony50991 fruit bat322 pony988656 bats!1732 apple16528 dive to the heart154 flutterbat6889 food71582 race swap14466 simple background401696 stained glass1210 station of awakening15 transparent background205762 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124980


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