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suggestive143272 artist:ribiruby656 fluttershy212952 pegasus292817 pony970199 bedroom eyes59487 blushing198086 bust50133 drool24831 drool string5644 esophagus409 female1365588 floppy ears52427 flutterpred642 hungry604 imminent vore2282 implied vore986 kitchen eyes611 looking at you169103 mawshot1463 mucus350 open mouth146391 oral invitation277 salivating1675 simple background394359 slime1979 slimy416 solo1066020 throat242 tongue out104210 transparent background202754 uvula2071 wingding eyes22340


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Background Pony #138A
Sorry about that, stupid tablet!
Background Pony #138A
Heads up! The Internet might change on July 12th, no more Neutrality.

Here's a link to a video clip you're very familiar with:
Background Pony #BB5A
Real horses don't have uvulas, but what could be the reason that MLP ponies evolved them?