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Sorry, Twilight, it’s just lines
safe1788522 artist:buttersprinkle316 twilight sparkle310744 alicorn239561 human174024 pony1104952 ...2457 adorkable3635 blushing210462 book35338 bookhorse586 buttersprinkle is trying to murder us38 cheek fluff6388 cute210461 dialogue70063 disembodied hand3007 dork3919 female1436585 floppy ears56853 frown24409 looking up17682 offscreen character37086 sad25675 simple background424003 sitting67702 sweet dreams fuel1709 that pony sure does love books1182 twiabetes12495 twilight sparkle (alicorn)128147 white background106668


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
Me: Yes, my Princess Twileydorbs, I am gonna read it. But you’re welcome to snuggle up next to me and we can read it together…or I could read it to you if you’d like? :D Oh, and I’ve ordered some muffins for us, they should be here soon.  
=Sound of a crash from outside, followed by a knock at the door=  
Me: Ah, that’ll be Derpy with the muffins now! :D