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Original description:

Lightning Strikes three feet away from me always make me consider relocating, wouldn't you agree?

Here's another! A week or so late, but what can you do? With that, I'll be off the internet for a while; but hopefully only until next week. Nothing's wrong mind you, just taking a break for the holidays.
semi-grimdark28011 artist:firefanatic347 apple bloom47092 applejack161077 rainbow dash222217 monster pony3142 original species22115 satyr4773 tatzlpony1215 comic:agents of hoo-men39 abdominal bulge5347 armor22039 blood22750 crying40508 dialogue60084 fetish35925 fluffy13013 hug25753 species swap17776 tatzljack359 vore13468 what is hoo-man68


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