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Original description:

Lightning Strikes three feet away from me always make me consider relocating, wouldn't you agree?

Here's another! A week or so late, but what can you do? With that, I'll be off the internet for a while; but hopefully only until next week. Nothing's wrong mind you, just taking a break for the holidays.
semi-grimdark (26571) artist:firefanatic (315) apple bloom (45564) applejack (154966) rainbow dash (213818) monster pony (2436) original species (20962) satyr (4711) tatzlpony (1162) abdominal bulge (4953) armor (20672) blood (21463) crying (38237) dialogue (56609) fetish (32986) fluffy (12340) hug (24339) species swap (17412) tatzljack (360) vore (13234) what is hoo-man (58)


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