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Those pegasus instincts kick in sometimes. Feathery, fluffy nests of cuddles.
safe1691297 artist:silfoe1551 princess luna98543 twilight sparkle298313 oc675259 oc:eventide glisten63 oc:pterus113 oc:twilight dapple37 alicorn221409 bat pony49074 pony953037 other royal book191 adopted offspring1070 alicorn oc26098 behaving like a bird616 black and white12723 cuddling8298 cute197627 dialogue64599 family4382 fangs24872 female1349259 floppy ears51527 frown22597 grayscale37701 group3433 hug27963 lesbian95958 lidded eyes30171 magical lesbian spawn11816 mama twilight1069 monochrome148733 offspring38375 open mouth142760 parent:princess luna2245 parent:twilight sparkle8182 parents:twiluna321 prone25239 shipping198263 simple background388338 sketch62187 smiling243994 snuggling6504 speech bubble22911 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122768 twiluna1503 unamused15973 white background96372 wing blanket225 winghug2875


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I miss the show so much
Enjoy it now Twilight, while it lasts. Ten years from now you'll miss being a momma turkey hen and by then your kids don't want to do it because they're too old and big.