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suggestive142859 artist:dieart77502 applejack169767 trenderhoof859 equestria girls200227 simple ways1299 absurd resolution66246 apple16217 apple print underwear64 bedroom eyes59337 boots21763 clothes459126 cowboy hat15837 cowgirl587 cutie mark underwear942 denim skirt1488 equestria girls interpretation570 freckles28820 frilly underwear4465 hat86736 lidded eyes30664 open mouth145555 panties50179 pink panties190 pink underwear4264 scene interpretation8597 scenery8019 sexy29377 sitting63146 skirt39709 skirt lift4732 stetson4999 striped panties103 striped underwear2993 teasing3756 tree32205 underwear60774 upskirt5861


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Word Bug
His phone bleeped again and without a beat Trenderhoof opened the text. It was from the girl again, only this wasn't some golden-haired beauty. A big guy, with two other bigger guys in the background, glared into his soul. Another bleep and actual text arrived.

"Delete this conversation, delete anything else from my little sister. If I catch you even breathing in the same room as her we will make sure you won't breathe again, got it?"