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dead source21638 safe1658597 artist:celeriven49 princess celestia93102 thorax4195 oc655145 oc:celestial monarch2 alicorn215215 changedling7946 changeling45118 changepony1004 hybrid17446 to where and back again2638 changeling king334 crown15925 curved horn6400 family4311 interspecies offspring6818 jewelry58939 king thorax2785 male357227 momlestia974 nuzzling3855 offspring36928 one eye closed28753 parent:princess celestia2024 parent:thorax526 parents:thoralestia103 raised hoof43158 regalia18678 shipping194013 spread wings52035 straight131854 thoralestia40


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@Background Pony #B472
Well, considering how marriages have secured political aliances for centuries, this is not entirely implausible. Though it does beg the issue of the why would it be needed.

Of course, considering Celestia has — on two separate occasions — Tia invited The Mane 6 and Discord to the GGG just to watch the fireworks, I can see them having a romance, then make a political marriage to permit them to marry.

After all, being sovereigns and seeing to the best interests of their own subjects — ideally — trumps their own needs, so being married to a foreign head of state can lead to some awkward situations.

Yeah, I have a lot of practice rationalizing this sort of stuff. And now I wanna read a Thorlestia fic.
Background Pony #0CD4
T: Hi, I'm the new king of the changelings and I'd like to improve our diplomatical relationship by having a child with you!
C: That sounds great, I mean I don't know you at all, but you look fancy and you're a king and that's good enough for me. Please proceed with the mating.

seriously this whole changedling thing opened a flood door of crack shipping.
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Young Leosword
Most ships are generally considered crack if they've rarely to never interacted. Celestia talked directly to him and was totally coming on to him. lel

Anyway, cracks: Mauxie is technically crack because despite both taking residence at the Pie farm, the qualifications exist because they're not on-screen simultaneously. Twibra does not under this thinking, but of course Somshy does. Exceptions, of course, no doubt, though. :)
Background Pony #16BE
Now I'm curious how would a changedling-pony hybrid x changeling-pony hybrid spawn look like. 🙂