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Some stickers that I've done from my personal sitting catface meme collection to bring to "The Friendship Express Convention" tomorrow in Malaysia 👍
safe1676245 apple bloom48718 applejack167425 bon bon16175 dj pon-328978 fluttershy209508 nurse redheart3518 octavia melody23504 pinkie pie213305 princess luna97931 rarity179112 scootaloo50753 starlight glimmer47768 sunset shimmer61737 sweetie belle48458 sweetie drops16174 twilight sparkle296650 vapor trail1016 vinyl scratch28978 alicorn218657 earth pony237763 pony938910 :34398 calendar of lunas29 clothes448808 commonity75 cookie3596 cute195300 dashstorm78 female1336163 food68235 irl69311 jackletree91 lidded eyes29833 mare466268 meme81141 mouth hold17028 multeity2188 photo78434 s1 luna7193 scarf22811 sitting61393 sitting catface meme47 so much flutter85 sparkle sparkle sparkle223 spread wings52994 sticker1383 too much pink energy is dangerous296 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122114


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