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suggestive145510 artist:sumin63011556 rainbow dash236207 equestria girls203207 absolute cleavage3566 big breasts83848 blushing201002 breasts283509 busty rainbow dash8318 cleavage35125 clothes467306 eyeshadow16096 female1381660 heart49177 lidded eyes31242 looking at you172177 makeup22135 open clothes2740 open shirt1316 panties50863 ribbon7160 sexy30074 solo1078247 solo female181510 stupid sexy rainbow dash2702 underwear61673 white underwear3551


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Background Pony #909A
Unknown tag ?
Would that be the 'suggestive (60671) +S' tag — I think that's meant to be 'suggestive (60671) +h' if the material is of a more extreme nature.
Looking at the picture I personally think 'suggestive' is adequate.