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Fluttershy trying to blast a door open. It’s going about as well as expected.
safe1728186 artist:omegaozone192 fluttershy214993 pinkie pie218269 rainbow dash236300 earth pony257053 pegasus300455 pony988405 :o3824 animated99728 bard262 blush sticker2544 blushing201168 character class18 clothes467616 cute203032 dungeons and dragons1283 ear fluff30375 fantasy class1529 female1382439 final fantasy1324 final fantasy iii15 frame by frame4125 frown23268 gate159 gif31621 glowing eyes11346 grin39685 gritted teeth12543 hat88427 hoof hold8437 lord of the rings541 magic74333 mare491586 moon23758 no pupils4096 one eye closed31617 open mouth150068 perfect loop1419 roleponies22 smiling254552 thief357 wand1316 waterfall1713 wide eyes17222 wink25215 wizard646


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Flutters doesn't realise that today they're playing using 5e rules (not 3.5e like she's used to) and 'Knock' only unlocks doors, it doesn't actually open them anymore.
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2017) - Celebrated Derpibooru's five year anniversary with friends.

Speak "friend" and enter. Otherwise, there is probably a switch somewhere or you'll have to defeat a boss first.

This whole animation looks really good, and its nice to see Fluttershy as a wizard :D
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I'm outie 5000
Isn't one of them a thief? Have them pick the lock.

"But it's a st-"

It's an RPG, to hell with those kind of details!