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This couple was chosen randomly, so don't be surprised)
safe1657254 artist:djkaskan128 derpibooru exclusive27048 big macintosh27631 sugar belle3048 earth pony230987 pony921591 unicorn303352 blushing189469 female1320514 heart46332 hilarious in hindsight3109 love4805 male356808 mare457688 shipping193833 stallion102579 straight131693 sugarmac753 tongue out99002


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Imagine, imagine ship two random ponies thinking that probably they never will meet, but Oh surprise, now is canon.

Talking serious I'm happy with the ship
Background Pony #EAE7
This was made before the canon revealed. PREDICTION!!!
Crack ship? Canon FIRE!

Heh, actually the show staffs might have saw this ship in fanon, and have enough logical reasons for the pairing to work for many aspect and dimensions of life.

I also like to see "Discorded Doggy" Big Macintosh with "Starlight Commie Equalized" Sugar Belle paired together, I wonder what is the result.

I like how this was originally a crack ship randomly thought up by someone.

Either that, or as I said elsewhere, this fandom is populated by psychics.