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Background Pony #3286
Flurry Heart started to sneeze in the room.

Shining Armor use his magic to make a shield as Flurry Sneeze

Flurry Heart: "Sneeze"

Shining Armor: That was close, if I didn't do that this chilling will be destoryed.

Deadpool: And why you didn't do that in the first place?

Shining Armor: Uh I don't know, why are you here?

Deadpool: I'm here for the food, if you don't mind, it's a kids show!

How The Crystalling Should Have ended

Twilight levitate Pinkie Pie and Cadence levitate Flurry Heart.

Flurry begin to tear up.

She almost begin to cry until.

Rainbow Dash: Give her Pinkie, she likes her!

Twilight: Oh right!

Twilight Throw Pinkie at Flurry and she stop crying.

Cadence: Oh goodness!

Luna: Lucky you do that, this celebration will be bad.

Starlight: Hey guys I got a cryataller

Sunburst: Hi

Shining Armor: Okay let's get it started!

The Princesses, Shining Armor, Mane 6, Spike, and Sunburst are at the Super Cafe with Bat Pony and Super Stallion.

Super Stallion: So you give to the baby to Pinkie Pie and I all went right?

Twilight: Yay thank goodness!

Rainbow Dash: If you imagine if you didn't give her to Pinkie?

Shining Armor: Uh Yay if that happen the empire will be a wastland!

Bat Pony: Good thing King Sombra didn't returned that would be bad!

Super Stallion: So you got a name the little thing?

Cadence: Flurry Heart!

Bat Pony: That's it, first she's a alicorn, second she can sneeze and shots, and third she can while that broke crystals and why did you two agread on this?

Shining Armor: Why?

Bat Pony: Becasue I'm Bat P…

Flurry Sneeze at Bat Pony

Bat Pony: …Ony!

The End

At Villain Pub

King Sombra: I should return when The Crystal Heart was destroyed!

Zod: And why did you just do it then?

Joker: Yay why?

King Sombra: it's not my time yet!

Copyright 2016 How It Should Have Ended

Sunburst: So how can you train me to do a wizard?

Gandalf: You should GET A WAND!

Sunburst: Okay sure thing Wizard that yells!