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fan characters for My Little Pony:Generation Neo

Astral Star is the son of Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry. cutie mark is a star

Chanal the albino changeling is the adopted child of Twilight Sparkle and is the older sibling of Astral (also is the Spike of the group, but better)

Gemstone is the daughter of Rarity and Spike and also the cousin of Astral. cutie mark is a violet colored gem

Jelly bean twist is Pinkie Pie daughter. (Celestia help us all) cutie mark is 3 jelly beans

Cider John is the son of Apple Jack. cutie mark is a dripping gold apple

Shimmer Meadows is the bishounen (beautiful boy) son of Fluttershy and Emerald Ray. cutie mark is a pink flower

Prism Flare is the daughter of Rainbow Dash and Soarin and is the mare friend of Astral. cutie mark is a prism.
safe1681154 artist:warpx978 oc668674 oc only439892 oc:astral star7 oc:chanal1 oc:cider john1 oc:gemstone24 oc:jellybean twist1 oc:prism flare4 oc:shimmer meadows2 changeling46245 dracony6486 earth pony239364 hybrid18067 pegasus282147 pony943234 unicorn312799 adopted offspring1067 agender66 albino320 female1340360 femboy8963 interspecies offspring7116 male364242 misspelling2380 mlp: generation neo5 next generation5911 offspring38026 parent:applejack3787 parent:emerald ray4 parent:flash sentry2935 parent:fluttershy4720 parent:pinkie pie4011 parent:rainbow dash5589 parent:rarity4086 parent:soarin'2446 parent:spike2219 parent:twilight sparkle8116 parents:flashlight2516 parents:soarindash1843 parents:sparity1412 sprite2182 text in description10


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