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"Applejack surly is an Apple, but what about her Orange part? After read The fruit of their labors I suddenly thought abut a fan art, so… here it is! Hope you like it!"

Background image be over yonder at >>1079928.
safe1690202 artist:vago-xd59 applejack168530 fanfic:the fruits of their labors2 :o3683 :t3756 alcohol7089 alternate hairstyle27735 applejewel660 bar1306 barstool76 bathrobe1394 blushing194849 bucking952 chewing598 cider2549 clothes453616 cowboy hat15433 crying43048 cute197449 dress43946 eating9502 embarrassed11228 fanfic10366 fanfic art14215 female1348118 fence2819 floppy ears51467 flower25245 flower in hair7574 fluffy14046 food69064 frown22600 glare8213 hat85500 hoof hold8226 jackabetes5872 jumping3309 leaning3546 looking at you165633 monochrome148612 one eye closed30009 open mouth142469 prone25218 puddle935 puffy cheeks3838 raised eyebrow6521 raised hoof44870 raised leg7604 running5897 saddle bag5780 simple background387876 sitting62327 skirt39230 smelly884 smiling243668 solo1053066 stetson4974 stool1655 sunglasses14209 swing622 tennis racket166 unamused15966 wall of tags2963 wavy mouth3616 wide eyes16921 wink24342


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