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Their dates consist of going around and helping people.
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Young Leosword
Should probably hold up on divulging any info on Dropped if the Spabby image isn’t directly related to E19. The comment I’ve replied to is probably okay, though, man. :3

I'd say that the episode could have had Spike messing with anyone and it would have been treated this way.

That said, extra points to Gabby since she and Spike are pretty cute together and play very nicely off of each other's personalities.

No I've not seen the episode yet as of this post.

Biggest loser
I'd like some more of this ship, it's for outta no were and kinda seems like it could work, two charaters that are the most out of place in their respective races(plus both went to ponies so yeah even more reason) so it could be fitting.
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Their "Vacation", being the dates they go on, consists of doing what they normally do anyway— Helping out ponies. They're doing something similar to what they do as work. Bussman's holiday.