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safe2155042 edit171319 edited screencap89379 screencap294023 amethyst star2956 berry punch7451 berryshine7451 bon bon18702 candy mane365 carrot top6094 cherry berry2507 cloud kicker2359 daisy2944 derpy hooves57078 dizzy twister1296 flower wishes2944 golden harvest6094 lemon hearts2584 lightning bolt1149 lily2347 lily valley2347 linky1915 lyra heartstrings33900 merry may927 minuette6821 orange swirl1296 parasol805 rainbowshine1221 roseluck6108 sassaflash1148 sea swirl1906 seafoam1906 shoeshine2026 sparkler2952 spring melody1422 sprinkle medley1422 sunshower raindrops2685 sweetie drops18702 thunder rush6 twinkleshine2683 white lightning1149 earth pony438175 pegasus488234 pony1583024 unicorn529128 applebuck season1092 call of the cutie892 feeling pinkie keen1047 friendship is magic3840 g42007465 season 15651 sonic rainboom (episode)1274 swarm of the century889 winter wrap up1369 artifact1683 background pony12226 background pony chart5 collage2048 cropped60930 female1781878 flower trio671 mare728714 naming57 old names6 rainbow day1 romana67 romana t colgate1 showers33 showers (character)9 solo focus29345 wall of tags6420


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Background Pony #0D2A
this is a pretty good reminder that this fandom is unbearably uncreative when it comes to naming things. just the absolute worst
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Ah, another Ponibooru classic. And the classic brony-given background pony names that many have never learned or forgotten because the Wiki told them to.
Not all of them were the more common ones, though. “Showers” was a bit less popular than “Parasol” (that said, the pony itself has never quite been popular), “Thunder Rush” was a name for Lightning Bolt that pretty much only one Ponibooru user wanted to establish, and “Romana” was an alternative name for Colgate/Minuette based on her cutie mark that never really caught on in the long run.
Nice to see Flora and Wind Whistler, though. Also, Rose is named “Rose” (like in the show) instead of “Roseluck” (like Hasbro called her).