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"Hello guys

Well, I continue practicing everything I can and need to improve my drawings and I came up with a quick idea: I drew some of my favourite ponies with their own proportions, how I imagine them I also included my 3 favourite shippings, hehe
From left to right:
Lyra: I imagine her to be a bit bigger and also chubbier than the others in this piece. I have to confess, she turned out too big, but well, it´s a bit of practice xD
BonBon: She´s smaller than her sweet Lyra, but she also isn´t the skinniest one. A bit of chub is on her, as well.
Vinyl: She´s the big, hip DJ for me She is thin and a bit smaller than Lyra. I actually haven´t got much to say about her xD
Spitfire: I guess most of you agree with me when I say that she is skinny, sporty and muscoulous here and there. Honestly, I still have some problems drawing muscles, but you can see it a bit better compared to Lyra´s body xD Meh
Rainbow: She´s similar to Spitfire, but a bit taller anyways.
Octavia: She is one of the smaller ones, I imagine. Daintily, elegant, she´s a beauty

What do you think? Let me know in the comments I hope, you like them :)"
safe1705017 artist:lupiarts603 bon bon16351 dj pon-329239 lyra heartstrings29527 octavia melody23750 rainbow dash233785 spitfire13431 sweetie drops16351 vinyl scratch29238 pony966279 belly28455 black and white12916 bowtie10122 chubby13136 cool439 fat22107 female1361797 grayscale38064 group3485 headphones7767 lesbian96880 looking at you168395 love5000 lyrabon3313 monochrome149595 musician291 one eye closed30652 plump7165 romance774 scratchtavia2954 shipping200064 skinny1872 spitdash432 sunglasses14449 tall402 traditional art117758 unshorn fetlocks25462 wink24704


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I just. Love. Size difference pictures. I don't know why, I just think they're great, and this is one of the finest examples that I've seen. It's just fantastic.