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So it would appear that the music notes used in moonstuck are not only real music, but references to the show. The more I find out about this comic, the more I like it.
safe1750048 artist:egophiliac2150 edit135855 princess luna100776 oc711688 oc:cupcake crumbles11 oc:echo (egophiliac)31 oc:frolicsome meadowlark281 oc:imogen121 oc:sunshine smiles (egophiliac)299 oc:ziggy44 bat pony52149 changeling49783 changeling queen17699 eel87 pony1010098 shark2125 moonstuck1207 absurd resolution67016 anguilla armor13 bipedal36197 cartographer's cap625 cartographer's chicken3 cartographer's crumpled jam-covered sticky mess7 cartographer's deerstalker12 changeling oc7958 changeling queen oc1873 comic111453 evil enchantress119 female1401512 filly69605 grayscale39234 hat90305 hush now quiet now88 laughter song86 marauder's mantle225 monochrome152317 moonflower39 moonitaur41 music notes3411 nautical nacre necklace5 shoo be doo132 singing6546 smile song278 so many wonders30 theme song392 top hat4317 tumblr34998 woona5102 woonoggles636 you gotta share37 younger17759


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technically the last one should be "SHOO-BE-DO! SHOO-SHOO-BE-DO!"

And the smile song should be "fill my heart up…", it doesn't run out of notes that way

The mystery song is gonna bug me, because it doesn't appear to be anything. Maybe that's the joke, a nonsense song for a nonsense scene?