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“LyraBon” EVEN more Butts.
suggestive143197 artist:pabbley2315 bon bon16380 lyra heartstrings29576 sweetie drops16380 earth pony249515 pony969622 unicorn324283 bon butt200 by celestia's beard19 clothes460373 crushing675 dialogue65622 dock50006 faceful of ass1192 facesitting3346 female1365043 females only12671 heavy669 lesbian97114 lyrabon3321 mare481650 monochrome149855 open mouth146258 panties50289 plot79125 shipping200482 shrunken pupils3160 simple background394156 the ass was fat13847 underwear60909 white background98083


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Background Pony #AC6F
I would imagine that having a horse (even a little one) lay on top of you would be quite heavy.