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“LyraBon” EVEN more Butts.
suggestive150039 artist:pabbley2342 bon bon16769 lyra heartstrings30240 sweetie drops16768 earth pony273618 pony1027889 unicorn349719 bon butt205 by celestia's beard20 clothes481920 crushing702 dialogue68894 dock52731 faceful of ass1350 facesitting3473 female1416931 females only13262 heavy674 lesbian100018 lyrabon3443 mare510031 monochrome153379 open mouth157811 panties51889 plot83156 shipping207464 shrunken pupils3503 simple background414866 the ass was fat14340 underwear63043 white background104110


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Background Pony #AC6F
I would imagine that having a horse (even a little one) lay on top of you would be quite heavy.